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Oracle Valley

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Oracle Valley is a magical place for divination and inspiration. The several different oracle attractions, which are completely based on the ancient and traditional methods, help you with intuitive insights and spiritual reflections. And there is more...

Traditional divination methods in Oracle Valley:

Visit the Gipsy Fortune Teller at her gypsy wagon, for a traditional cartomancy card reading with three playing cards. The information in the answers that the Gipsy Fortune Fortune Teller gives, are many clear and right on spot.

The Tarot Palace offers three cards Tarot readings.
Choose a theme and concentrate on your question while choosing your cards. The tarot is popular and helpful for receiving intuitive information, and supports you to become more close to your inner self.

At the I Ching Oracle you do a traditional session the easy way, by casting the three cupper coins six times. Automativally the I Ching application makes the ancient traditional calculation, and your six-lines hexagram is being drawn for you, following the outcome after every time you cast the coins. A click on the book will make the applicable number and spiritual forecast to be revealed. The I Ching (Book of Changes) gives you constructive personal reflections.

Other spiritual attractions in Oracle Valley:

The Genie of the Lamp will come out of his old Eastern lamp, if you rub it slowly and carefully. His strong inspirational words, will hit you or stay with you...

The Well of Wisdom brings up random inspirational life wisdom, from ancient and modern times.
It gives ancient proverbs and wise old sayings, but most of all quotes from well-known philosophers and also less famous sages and spiritual hero's. What wisdom does the old water well give you today?

At the Wish Fountain you are invited to send out a wish, good vibes and positive energy for someone. Maybe you want to make a general wish for peace and happiness in the world. Sending out positive thoughts, good energy and a wish for healing from the mind, is more powerful than was previously thought!
Send out your good thought, and call the angel of love at the Wish fountain.

The oracles in Oracle Valley are here for everyone who is searching for intuitive wisdom and truth, reflections and personal growth, but they are fun to use too.
Please enjoy!

Blessings, Love & Light