In the spiritual garden are  various  divination oracles  all made by the traditional method. Vist them all for free, for  some reflections and insights on your personal life-situations.

~ Valley of Inspiration ~

Welcome to

Oracle Valley is a spiritual garden, and you are very welcome to consult various divination methods here, to help you getting intuitive insights and useful spiritual reflections.
The spiritual attractions, as described below, are all based on very old and well-known traditional methods.

Tip: Join the easy Divination Tour, to be guided along all three oracles present, and to bring one visit to each.
Following the guided tour, you can be sure not to miss any information. By consulting the existing esoteric sites only once, every time you are here in Oracle Valley, the intuitive outcome of the readings will be kept most pure and accurate as possible.

Three divination oracles in Oracle Valley :

~ The Tarot Palace ~

Card reading with Tarot Cards

Visit the Tarot Palace for a reading with the well-known Tarot cards. The Tarot is helpful to receive intuitive information.
First you are asked to choose a theme for your Tarot reading.
The Tarot revelations help you to become more close to your inner self, and to awaken your inner consiousness.
A clearer vision and more fortitude will be a major advance in your daily life.

~ TAROT~Palace ~

Three Cards Reading
with Tarot Cards

~ Gipsy Fortune Teller ~

Fortune Telling with Playing cards

Visit the famous Gipsy Fortune Teller, in the gypsy wagon for a free traditional card reading with three playing cards. At this card reading session you'll follow the traditional method ~ you make three piles of cards ~ from which the three upper cards will tell you about past, present and future.

By reading the meaning of your personal cards, and reflect this information on your personal life-circumstances, you might be surpised by the insights the Gipsy Fortune Teller reveals.

Three Cards Reading
with Playing Cards

Do you want to take the best from your visit to Oracle Valley?
Join the easy guided tour, and visit all present esoteric sites once.

~ Divination Tour ~

Stop 1:  The Tarot Palace -- Stop 2: The Gipsy Fortune Teller --  Stop 3 : I Ching Oracle
Stop 1:  The Tarot Palace -- Stop 2: The Gipsy Fortune Teller --  Stop 3 : I Ching Oracle

~ The I CHING Oracle ~

Foretelling by the Book of Changes

Consulting the I Ching Oracle defines personal constructive reflections on the changes in life, where nothing stays the same, and everything is changing and moving all the time.

At the I Ching Oracle you cast the three cupper coins six times.
Depending on how the coins land on the silver plate ~ on the tail or head-side ~ the I Ching calculation is done automatically for you:
Every time you Cast the coins six times,, a Yin- or a Yang line is drawn, resulting in your personal six lined I Ching hexagram.

Finally, following the traditional method and I Ching-calulation, a click on the book will reveal your I Ching-number together with the applicable esoteric wisdom.

~ I CHING Oracle ~

Short I Ching reading
Cast the coins

What's more to see in Oracle Valley?

~ Well of Wisdom ~

Quotes from our planet Earth

The Well of Wisdom brings up all healing words and motivational wisdoms, from ancient and modern times. Use the the wooden water bucket to bring up and inspirational quotes from the pit.
The Well of Wisdom is a lovely source to get positively inspired every day.

~ The Genie of the Lamp ~

Short inspirations

Enter the cave on the eastern side of Oracle Valley. When you see the magic lamp, polish it carefully and see what happens. Just roll-over with your mouse slowly untill the Genie presents himself to you, with a traditional "As-Salaam-Alaikum" (Peace be unto you). As he sees you, he will tell something important.

Wish Fountain

Hold still at the Wish Fountain for a moment, concentrate, take a deep breath and send out a good wish or good thought and vibrations for someone or for any situation in the world.
Send out your good thought or positive energy to the universe and click the water in the Wish Fountain once ~~~.